If you're looking for porn, you've come to the wrong place. Go away.

There is now an elite group of fifty individuals pictured in my wallet.  (Fifty of the
most cute, sexy, and beautiful people in the world; only the best of the best are
allowed in MY pants.)  If you would like to be pictured, I'm always accepting
applications (in the form of a wallet-size picture with you on the front and a brief
summary of times we've shared on the back).  I'm still waiting for applications from a
few of you!

Since I live in constant fear of being spontaneously thrown into a pool, I have
scanned and archived all the pictures in my wallet collection.  This is that archive.
(Note, there are a few pictures here that aren't in my wallet.  This archive actually
contains 379 honored individuals (and three dogs and a horse), if you count band2000.)

I generally make it a point to ask before posting someone's picture on the web, but
I've forgotten to ask (or haven't been able to reach) about half of you.  If you want
your picture taken off the web, simply contact me and I will remove it immediately
(unless you are Jenna, in which case there is a 2 year waiting list).

All of these pictures are covered by the russianfrogs.net copyright policy.  However,
if the picture is of you, this is your expressed written permission to
copy/distribute it.

Index of /~aardvarq/pictures/

 amber1.jpg           Amber!
 amber2.jpg           Amber at what I believe to be Peter Piper.
 ashley1.jpg          Ashley!
 ashley2.jpg          Ashley again!  This is her track picture.
 band2000.jpg         The 2000 Centennial Marching Band (I graduated in 1999). 
 bandgrls.jpg         Karen, Jenna, Ms. Adams, and Deanna (L2R).
 bandppl1.jpg         Jason shows his ability to defy gravity, while everyone else makes faces.
 bandppl2.jpg         Some random people, and the other Ashley (center, white shirt).
 bandppl3.jpg         I included this picture simply for Adam's sake.
 bandppl4.jpg         Amanda, Tara, MikeSean, Sara, and Lisa (L2R)
 bandppl5.jpg         Gotta love Kyle's head.  And Aaron's about to fall off...
 bnd2kbig.jpg         This is very big, and not available at all times.
 brock.jpg            By popular demand, Brock (and I, sitting at micron).
 bryanfam.jpg         Bryan, Shannon, Katelyn, and various other branches on their family tree.
 cellmeet.jpg         A cell meeting in my kitchen.  I'm the one who you don't know.
 charity.jpg          Charity!
 colrado1.jpg         Me, Amber, Shannon, Kim, MikeSean, and Adam (L2R).
 colrado2.jpg         Kim pouring water on my head while Matt, MikeSean, and Amber (L2R) watch.
 colrado3.jpg         MikeSean, Kim, Amber, Me, and Shannon's back (L2R).
 colrado4.jpg         Adam, Amber, Shannon, Me, ???, Joni, Kim, Theresa, MikeSean?, Matt (L2R).
 colrado5.jpg         Joni, Shannon, and I (L2R) in the foreground.  Kim in the background.
 cousins.jpg          Uncle Martin, Aunt Nancy (my mom's sister), Andrew, and Danielle (L2R).
 davepic1.jpg         That which is me.
 davepic2.jpg         That which is also me.
 davehorn.jpg         I'm pretending to be playing the trombone but actually am just posing. :)
 daveplne.jpg         Me, next to an airplane.  Perhaps this is the airplane I flew.
 davesndy.jpg         Me and Sandy the dog on the couch.
 deanna.jpg           Deanna!
 dean-jen.jpg         Jenna and Deanna (R2L).
 dean-kar.jpg         Karen and Deanna and the back of Kari's head.  And Brock hidden. (L2R)
 dean-lau.jpg         Laurie and Deanna jumping on the trampoline (L2R).
 disney.jpg           Deanna, Brandon, Jenna, Karen, and I (behind the map) at where do you think?
 dondrop1.jpg         Laurie, Deanna, myself (the one suspended in the air), and Jenna (L2R).
 dondrop2.jpg         Deanna and Laurie suspending me again, and Nick giving a hand.
 dpic.jpg             Brock's ex-girlfriend took it.  I hold her responsible (not really).
 family.jpg           A picture of me and my family.  This is the one from the church directory.
 fmlydis.jpg          My family under the monorail (cropped) at Disneyland.
 fmlyraft.jpg         My family rafting some river.  I am hidden behind my parents.
 fmlyski.jpg          My entire family (except grandparents) skiing at Breckenridge.
 grandpts.jpg         My grandparents (my mom's side).
 heather.jpg          Another Heather I've known for a very long time.
 heather1.jpg         Heather and I at Centennial Prom 1998.
 heather2.jpg         Heather and others.  Theresa is on the right and Jesse is in the middle.
 heather3.jpg         This is Heather!
 heather4.jpg         Heather again!
 heather5.jpg         Heather and others.
 heather6.jpg         Heather and I in my kitchen.  And no, I never did understand the hat.
 heather7.jpg         This would be Heather and I on our way to Prom '98.
 heather8.jpg         The senior pictures Heather gave me.
 heather9.jpg         The senior pictures Heather gave me (continued).
 heatherA.jpg         The senior pictures Heather gave me (continued some more).
 heatherB.jpg         The senior pictures Heather gave me (and still continued).
 jen-aik.jpg          Aika and Jenna!
 jenna1.jpg           Jenna and I at Centennial Prom 2000.
 jenna2.jpg           I don't really remember having this taken...
 jenna3.jpg           Jenna being eaten by a horse (Jenna's the one with the sunglasses).
 jen-kar.jpg          Karen and Jenna on the trampoline.
 kar-jen.jpg          Jenna, Brock, Karen, and I (L2R) at Centennial Homecoming 1999.
 kari.jpg             Karisma!
 kariswim.jpg         Karisma, on the swim team.
 karisocc.jpg         Karisma, on the soccer team.
 kat-shan.jpg         Shannon and Katelyn, on their trip to sit on an iceberg.
 ki-am-th.jpg         Theresa, Amber, somebody I've never met, and Kim (L2R).
 kim1.jpg             Kim!
 kim2.jpg             Kim at what I believe to be Peter Piper.  And Brock asleap on the table.
 kimbike.jpg          Kim on her bike-scooter-thingy.
 kimfam.jpg           Kim and her family in [France?].
 lunch.jpg            What's-his-name, myself, Ashley (aint she cute?), MikeSean, and Deanna (R2L).
 marcy.jpg            Marcy!
 melissa1.jpg         Melissa and I at the Palmcroft Senior Banquet 1996.
 melissa2.jpg         Melissa and I at her house before leaving for the banquet.
 melissa3.jpg         Melissa and I in a bus.  There's too many possibilities to know where.
 mom.jpg              This is my mother.
 onabus.jpg           Jenna, Brandon, Myself, and Karen (R2L) on a bus to somewhere or other.
 onawall.jpg          Several people sitting on a wall for no good reason.  I'm in the center.
 renee1.jpg           Renee!  (Brock's cousin for those who haven't met her.)  
 renee2.jpg           Renee, next to a pretty mural.  Very nice picture.
 renee3.jpg           Renee and a friend of hers whom I can't remember if I've met or not.  
 reneefam.jpg         Renee and her siblings.  Don't they look so cute together?  :)  
 sam.jpg              Sam!
 samhat.jpg           Sam putting a hat on me when we went camping.
 sandysmi.jpg         Sandy, a girl in my 1996 VBS.  She sent me her picture!
 sndydog.jpg          Sandy the dog!
 sndyraft.jpg         Sandy the dog about to go rafting on Ashurst.
 tarabrea.jpg         Tara and Brea.  Brea is Melissa's sister (pictured above).
 tara1.jpg            Tara!  (Not to be confused with my sister.)
 tara2.jpg            Another picture of Tara.
 tara3.jpg            She likes giving me pictures.
 tara4.jpg            Maybe not as much as Heather though.
 taras1.jpg           Tara, my sister.
 taras2.jpg           Tara my sister again.
 tonau.jpg            I'm about to leave for NAU.  What's supporting Sandy?
 trish.jpg            Trisha, a friend I met through Beth (Brock's girlfriend).